7 Tips to naturally stay beautiful without makeup

Here do you think it’s quite impossible to stay beautiful without the use of any sort of makeup or beauty products? Think about it again, while it seems hard to achieve, we will be exploring ways you wow your friends and loved ones and put on the natural beauty without any beauty products,

OK, here we go, here are seven (7) tips apply to your day to day beauty rituals

  • Take enough rest: Now this may sound unrelated, but it’s truly one important thing we won’t want to joke about for a healthy look. Think of it, heavy labor workers such as bricklaying or software geeks like programmers often mess up their rest hours which actually tell on the body freshness look.

  • Drink Enough Water: We can’t go overboard with this, as its crucial for the proper functioning of the body. It’s estimated an adult should take 6-8 ounces glass of water, which is almost 2 liters and an approximately a half gallon of water. The BODY IS made up of 60% water we need to continually maintain the water level in the body. Aside from the metabolically benefits of water, its help pushes toxins and unwanted materials out of the body.

  • Get rid of those pimples: Those a pesky pimple and black holes can frustrate the face. LOL, turning a beautiful face to a shadow of itself. Make use of these natural ingredients. Lemon, this may sound strange but they actually work. Wash your face with warm water to remove any germs, Cut a lemon in half and apply gently to the face. Leave to dry and clean-off after 5-10 minutes. Please note, never apply the lemon and expose the face to the sun, it may cause skin burn. Now there are other ingredients you can use, like apply egg to the face, grind onion, ginger together, cucumber together to form a paste and apply to the face.

  • Wear overnight Face mask: Yeah, give your face a treat by giving it the necessary elements and allowing it to heals and restore itself of any defects it has suffered. You may ask why I should use one. An overnight facial mask, allows the face to absorb the necessary elements overnight. The longer you wear the facial mask, the more you are able to maximize its functions. But they are also different facial masks suited for the different purpose. Use the moisturizing facial mask to put a dry face in check. Facial masks also allow you to daily repair any skin damage on your face.

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  • Wear a jewelry: This may sound out of context, but it goes a long way in altering your facial look and produce a cute appearance. Pieces of jewelry range from bangles, necklace, rings, bracelets wristbands and other in different material makeup or metals. A very interesting that I will make mention of this post is a gorgeous looking chakra bracelet. While bracelet has a cultural or traditional root it can also be used for fashion purpose. check it here


  • Maintain a proper body posture: Body posture either sitting or standing affects the body metabolic activities. You often hear the phrase, sit up straight! Our parents and guidance are across to us, but unfortunately, we didn’t. Proper posture, keeps the organ functioning properly.


  • Maintain a Balanced Diet: When you have the right proper proportion of foods on your diet, it helps to showcase a glowing skin.